In one of his adventures Carlinhos goes to Egypt, look for treasures in the pyramids, but fails. After months of studying the pyramids, he ends up finding an old stranger, who tells him about the pharaoh who was buried with his GREATEST treasure, his Bracelet. The old man also gives him a map showing a secret but dangerous entrance to the pyramid. He, being the greatest treasure hunter in the world, then decides to follow the map in order to find this Bracelet and other possible treasures of this pyramid.
Inside the pyramid he encounters various monsters, such as snakes, bats and mummies, and also finds some precious jewels. Arriving at the end of the tomb, a stone begins to roll behind him, he is very agile, can jump on thorns and reach the room where the bracelet is. Behind the statue holding the bracelet is a door. Carlinhos goes through the door and follows the tunnel that this door showed, at the end of this tunnel, Carlinhos leaves the tomb and goes to the airport to return to his home and save the treasures he acquired in this adventure.

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